Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage was first used by Native Americans to treat and soothe aching muscles. Today, hot stone therapy has developed into a luxurious, relaxing treatment ideal for restoring energy and releasing tension.

By placing warm, oiled stones on key acupressure points around the body, hot stone massage alleviates a number of chronic and acute problems. The renowned benefits of treating the body with alternating hot and cold sensations come into their own, resulting in an out-of-this world treatment for body and mind.

This practice brings massage to the next level, releasing all tension and heightening the feeling of perfect peace and tranquillity. In addition to aiding relaxation, hot stone therapy is ideal for treating pain, insomnia, anxiety and arthritic conditions.

Alternating between warm and cold, hot stone therapy is also perfect for detoxing and healing the body. This outstanding therapy can be used successfully to combat a range of conditions associated with fluid build-up.

Combining manual lymphatic drainage massage with hot stone massage is the ideal way to tackle cellulite, water retention and even high blood pressure. In addition, hot stone massage is perfect for gently releasing trapped nerves in a gentle, non-invasive way.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage (90 mins) – £75.00
Half Body Hot Stone Massage (60 mins) – £50.00
Facial Hot Stone Massage (90 mins) – £70.00