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*Please book an allergy test for all treatments that require tint or glue at least 24hrs before the date of your appointment

Frequently asked questions

Will I need an allergy test?

YES! We cannot carry out any of the treatments above with an * without an allergy test thats taken place in our salon.

How long will my tinting last?

On the eyelashes approx . On the eyebrows approx .

How long does the Lash Lift last?


How long do the eyelash extensions take?

The cluster lashes take 30mins to apply. The individual express lashes 60mins and the individual professional takes 90mins.

Whats the difference between Express and Professional?

With the express individual lashes the lashes are added in a more desultory location on your natural lash. With the professional, each of your lashes has an extension added to it.