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Looking for Eyelash extensions in Cardiff?
Eyelash extensions are simply when a synthetic eyelash is adhered to your natural eyelash, helping your lashes to appear fuller and more vibrant. This is especially effective if you have very few or thin eyelashes, and regularly need to use mascara. Eyelash extensions are also incredibly affordable and make a huge difference to your appearance.

When undertaking eyelash extensions, the procedure is completely safe as all adhesives are medical grade and conform to EU safety standards.

All eyelash extensions that we use are incredibly lightweight, natural and are also available in various curls, thickness and lengths.

Aurora also offer semi permanent eyelashes in Cardiff that can last anywhere up to 4-6 weeks. With these eye lash extensions, we do advise that you stay away from oil based eye products, to help the semi permanent eye lashes last longer.



Prices from £25.00

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 029 2062 1731 or email us at hello@auroracardiff.co.uk

Frequently asked questions

How long do they last?

With the correct aftercare your lashes could last you between 4-5 weeks. We then offer infills approx after 3 weeks

Whats the difference between the methods?

Cluster eyelash extensions are an extensions with 4-6 lashes to a bulb.
Express lashes are when we apply an individual eyelash extension in an almost random fashion.
While the professional eyelash extension treatment is each of your own individual lashes having an extension applied.

Does it hurt?

The application of eyelash extensions doesn't hurt, but the glue can feel uncomfortable at first.

Will I need an allergy test?

Yes, we will need to carry out a glue test at least 24hrs before hand.