Microblading Cardiff

To most, your eyebrows are the most prominent facial feature.

Not only do your eyebrows hold most of your expression, they can add shape and a more youthful look. It my not be that you need a totally new eyebrow shape, your may just want to improve the already existing brow by giving them volume and definition.

Microblading is the savour for so many. If you have over plucked, have sparse or thin eyebrows, without Semi-Permanent treatment your other options are very limited.

With Microblading, we can achieve long term results that traditional makeup cannot. We can even lighten, darken or soften the colour with micro-fine strokes that would look completely natural.

With results that can last for up to 16 months, it enables you to experience a high quality finish without the need for much maintenance. With Microblading Cardiff, every treatment is bespoke. The shape, shade and strokes are catered for your individual face to achieve maximum results.



for a 120 minute treatment

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 029 2062 1731 or email us at hello@auroracardiff.co.uk

What you can expect..

Procedure time

Approx 120 minutes

Back to work




Full recovery

Brows cannot get wet for x weeks

Sensitivity period


No. of treatments



True result will be seen approx 6 weeks after 2nd treatment

Result duration

approx 12-16 months

Potential risks

Frequently asked questions

Does it hurt?

Everyone's pain threshold is different. Many say its a mild scratch while other require a mild anaesthetic cream

Can I get them wet?

No. Please try and stay away from any moisture (this includes the shower, steam from the bath, sweat etc) for at least 1 week after treatment.

My brows are falling off?!?

A few days after your treatment you will notice flakes falling off. This is 100% normal and expected. They will then look as though the brows haven't taken to the pigment, give it another couple of days and your beautiful brows will come through.