Non-Surgical Facial Toning

The globally renowned Ultimate Facial Toning System has an established celebrity following including faces from film, television, media and fashion. Using relaxing micro-current pulses to lift and tone facial muscles, it improves facial contours, refines skin texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated. Most people see a visible difference and achieve a lift after just one treatment.

Ultimate Facial Toning is designed to achieve facial toning by stimulating nerve endings to improve tone in the muscle tissue. The Ultimate Facial Toning System uses both faradic and galvanic micro currents, which stimulate muscles fibres to achieve a toning effect and improve the surface skin texture. The current is used at an intensity to bring maximum results in minimal time with no discomfort experienced by the client, ensuring a beneficial, effective and comfortable treatment.

When using the galvanic micro-current alone, it improves the circulation to both the skin and the muscle cells, improving the surface skin appearance. The probes are in contact with the skin and are therefore conducting the micro-current to the specified area.

The Ultimate Facial Toning System treatments usually consist of a course of ten treatments over a four or five-week period. This is dependent upon the client’s skin texture and muscle tone, not necessarily the age of the client. Once a client has completed a course of treatments, they are advised to receive a treatment approximately once a month to maintain the results.

The Ultimate Facial Toning System is fitted with state of the art circuitry which enables the selected intensity to be delivered to the motor nerve to stimulate the muscle tissue regardless of the condition of the client’s skin.

The Body Ultimate Non-Surgical Facial Toning Machine has the following functions to maximise results:
Rejuvenate – Revitalise the skin. This is beneficial for anyone concerned about anti-ageing, pigmentation, or acne prone skin.
75 Minute Treatment – £45.00
Classical Facial – The improved facial routine with additional movements to enhance your treatments, resulting in overall toning.
60 Minute Treatment – £40.00
Intensive Eye Treatment – Concentrating on the eye area to reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness, lifting brows to open tired looking eyes.
30 Minute Treatment – £30.00
Neck & Decollette – Concentrating on the neck and chest to soften fine lines and improve skin texture. Excellent for sun damaged skin.
30 Minute Treatment – £30.00
Lunchtime Lift – Intense facial designed for maximum results in minimal time. Incorporating all areas of the face and neck.
30 Minute Treatment – £30.00
Micro Iontophoresis – Deep cleansing treatment to clarify the oil balance of the skin. Ideal for oily skin.
60 Minute Treatment – £42.50
Micro Desincrustation – Deep cleansing treatment to clarify the oil balance of the skin. Ideal for oily, congested or combination skins.
60 Minute Treatment – £42.50
Hand Enhancement – Turn back the signs of ageing on your hands with the Hand Enhancement treatment.
30 Minute Treatment – £25.00
Facial Toning Course – This course consists of a combination of treatments for maximum results. You will receive 7 classic facials interspersed with 3×75 minute Rejuvenate facials.
Course Price – £375.00