Hair Services

Hair Services at Aurora
Hair Services
Cut & Finish
Let us unlock the true potential of your hair.
One way does not suit all so therefore your appointment will always begin with an in-depth consultation with your stylist touching on all aspects of your lifestyle. Whether it’s time for something totally new or you just need some style maintenance our professionalism and attention to detail remains consistent.
Blow Dry
The ultimate pick me up for any occasion.
You know when you’ve had a blow dry from the experts; and from that day you’ll never look back. A good blow dry is far more than just drying the hair after a cut, it is about bringing out the potential of your style and creating something unique. It is the perfect polish for a red carpet event or can provide an injection of glamour into any night out in the city.
What does your colour say about you?
From the extreme to the subtle our professional colourists will help find the right shade for you, perfectly balanced to enhance your inner beauty and personal style. Our appointments always start with an in-depth consultation touching on all aspects of your lifestyle so that our colourists can work with you to evolve your colour.

Hair Extensions
Cardiff Hair Extensions – sourced with care, applied with flair

Every woman should benefit from glossy, smooth, voluminous locks.

Healthy and well styled hair leaves an instant impression of femininity and a simple yet polished look. Few women, however, are born with naturally thick and strong hair showcased as the standard in today’s perceptions of beauty. This is why hair extensions have deservedly become a favourite method for adding volume, lustre and texture to the natural hair, as demonstrated convincingly by those stepping out repeatedly in the public eye – models, film stars and trend-setters.

The best hair extensions in Cardiff are easily within reach for all customers who wish to enhance their appearance by using the help of hair technicians and advanced aesthetic tactics.

If you are looking for hair extensions in Cardiff, Aurora delivers the best results by combining expert knowledge with 100% human hair. Customers can opt for a variety of services and brand, including the Kardashian’s favourite Balmain.

All carried out by hair extension professionals.

Not sure which method of hair extension is right for you? We ask you to please book in a 30 minute consultation to discuss the different methods available, lengths and shades, pre and post treatment.

The cost of the consultation will be deducted off the total fitting cost.