Hopi Ear Candles

Ear candling or thermal-auricular therapy is an ancient, mild and natural therapy which has been used by the Native American Indians for many years.

The treatment is very gentle and relaxing. The candle, which is impregnated with extracts of honey and herb oils is placed over the ear orifice and ignited. As it burns it produces a gentle local heat. The warm air together with the combined oils and herbs soften the wax and draw it into the base of the candle. The candle is then removed and the ear and surrounding area is then massaged.

The treatment is repeated on the other ear and then a complete facial massage is carried out, paying particular attention to the sinus area.
We use only CE safety approved candles by Biosun or Otosan, in accordance with their strict safety instructions. These candles contain a safety maximum burning line and an inner filter, which does not allow any residue or ash from the candle to drop into the ear.

Hopi Ear Candles treatment (up to 60 mins) – £35.00



for a 60 minute treatment

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