Sports Massage

Sports and remedial massage is the assessment, treatment/manipulation and rehabilitation of the body’s superficial and deep soft tissues. Soft tissue refers not only to the muscles but the tendons and ligaments that hold us all together too. Sports and remedial massage is effective for both acute injuries and chronic aches and pains that may appear to have no real cause at all.

You do not have to be an elite athlete to enjoy the benefits either; so much soft tissue discomfort is fuelled by incorrect posture or prolonged periods of sitting at a desk, for example.

Furthermore, for athletes and sports people it is a great method for addressing minor niggles before they become performance-limiting injuries. In addition, physical assessment will help to identify areas of weakness which could otherwise lead to further problems in the future.

An initial assessment is essential before undergoing Sport and Remedial Massage treatment to enable a correct and thorough postural, soft tissue and health examination.
Sports Massage:

60 mins – £45.00
45 mins – £40.00
30 mins – £35.00

Initial assessment – £15.00
* Time includes consultation and changing.
* This treatment is available to purchase as a block booking at a reduced rate.


From £35

for a 30 minute treatment

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